Galaxy Nails – Revisited

FullSizeRender(20) Alright, so I’m sure you’ve seen this post before. I did some cleaning up, and here we are: Galaxy nails, revised! I hope you enjoy this fresher version of this updo.


– black nail polish

– blue nail polish

– red nail polish

– white nail polish

– silver nail polish

– striper

– cosmetic / craft / nail sponge

– white and black flakes top coat

You’re going to start by painting all of your nails a solid black. This will serve as your base of the space (Hey that rhymes!). Let dry.

Now, take out your sponge. I use cosmetic sponges which have smaller pores. Apply white nail polish to a small part of the sponge. Sponge some of onto a napkin. Now, sponge on the white onto random areas of your nails. If you wanna look back at the picture, the white is where the blue and pink color is. We are just applying white first so that the color for the cosmos shows better. Apply this white to all of your nails and let it dry.

Put some red nail polish onto the sponge. Dab a little of and apply it to certain parts of white on your nails. Apply a second layer of red if needed. My red ended up looking more like a fuchsia in the end.

Repeat the previous step with blue nail polish. Make sure no white is showing. It is okay if some of the color ends up on the black – in fact, it’s better! The color will blend and give a better effect of the cosmos.

Let all of this dry. Now take out the top coat. I used one with black and white flakes. Some of these flakes were large, some were small. Apply this coat onto of all of your nails. The black flakes don’t really show up, which is good. The white flakes look like small and big stars – and I feel like this finishes the design.

This step is optional. With the silver, you can use the striper to create sparkle crosses on the nails. This can give a fantasy effect.

And there you have it! The vast heavens on your seemingly small nails. I hope you felt that this was a better rendition of my previous galaxy nails – tell me about your about your own rendition. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

Once Upon a Time Nails


Hi, everyone! I’m finally back with a new updo. I have started a new obsession over ABC’s hit series, Once Upon a Time. I started on Netflix a few months ago, and now I’m all caught up. Honestly, I have like a huge, nerdy obsession over this and decided that I might as well put this new craze to use. So, here are some nails inspired from the opening theme image of the show.


– base coat

– light blue polish

– dark blue polish

– black polish

– white or silver polish

– top coat

– clear glitter polish

– striper and/or dotting tool

– makeup sponge

– remover, cotton balls, and q-tips

The first step is to paint all of your nails with a base coat. This will help your design last.

Once it dries, paint all nails with a light blue. One coat should do the trick.

Now, make sure this is completely dry. Go ahead and brush some dark blue onto the sponge. Dab some off, because this is the first layer and you want it to be nice and light. Sponge some dark blue about halfway down your nails. Apply more dark blue if necessary.

Apply another layer of dark blue on the sponge. Sponge just a tiny bit off, since this will be a darker layer. Keep in mind that we are building an ombre. Dab the dark blue closer to the bottom of your nail. Once this is done, go in with the dark blue brush and lightly apply some polish on the very bottom line. This will give a better ombre. Let dry completely.

If your ombre still looks a bit abrupt, apply some light blue on your sponge and sponge some off. Sponge on the light blue onto the part where the dark blue meets the light blue. We are putting some lighter blue into the lighter shade of the dark blue (I don’t know if that makes sense…). Let this dry.

Now that we have the sky done, we are gonna add some trees. Go in with the striper and make black stripes on each nail. About 1-3 will fit. Add small branches too if you’d like. My branches were very small lines coming out of the black stripes.

Once this is dry, you can either choose the dotting tool or the striper to make the letters. I found that a striper was easier for me. I didn’t have a silver polish lying around, so I used my white polish. Make an ‘O’ on the pointer finger, an ‘N’ on the middle finger, a ‘C’ on the ring finger, and an ‘E’ on the pinky. You can choose to write ‘upon a time’, but my nails wouldn’t allow space. Don’t worry though, it has been done before and I’m sure you can do it too.

On my thumb, I applied a clear sparkly top coat as did I on all of my right hand (too lazy to make the letters on my right hand :P). Apply a top coat on the rest of the fingers, and your done! You probably want to go in with the remover and q-tips to remove the polish around your nails. This will give a cleaner look.

That’s it! It might look a bit challenging, but with enough focus and concentration, the results are to die for. My other fellow OUAT fans were already appreciating my nails, and I’m sure yours will, too. I hope you enjoy and indulge in your nerdy obsessions! (P.S. If there are any other fan-art nails you might want to see, just comment.) Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!


Glitter Nails

glitter nails

Hi! I come here with a new updo! These are really simple glitter nails that look ‘fantabulous’ when executed. Here’s what you’ll need:

– base coat (a top coat works, too)
– 5 bold colors of polish
– 5 glitter polishes matching each color (ex. pink: purple glitter, metallic gold: gold glitter)
– remover
– q-tips

Let’s begin! To start, paint each nail with the base coat. I use my top coat as a base coat because that works too. This step is not necessary and is usually not used with designs that require lots of layers, but prolong the life of the design.
When that is dry, take out the bold colors. I used metallic gold, peacock blue, hot pink, lime green, and black. This was mostly because I had a lot of glitters in these colors. Paint one color on each nail. If the color is thin, apply a second coat. You want to make sure it is as bright as it can be.
Let that dry completely. Then, take out the glitter polishes. I made sure they correspond to the bold polishes. They were gold glitter, blue/purple glitter, fuchsia glitter, gold/green glitter, and steel colored glitter, respectively. They don’t need to be perfectly the same shade, in fact, they should be a shade off the base polish. Now, brush on the polishes.
Clean up around the edges with the remover and q-tips.
That’s all there is to it! I hope you like this bright, cheery, summer look. It’s super cool and works with any look. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

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Party Nails

Picture 036

Hi, everyone! I am back with a new updo! So, these are pretty cool. I’d call them party nails, but if you want to experiment with different colors, I’m sure you’d come up with a new name. Because I am doing party colors, the following supplies are listed below:

– base coat (top coat is an alternative)
– a royal colored (anything eye popping) nail polish
– a lighter shade of that color nail polish
– metallic nail polish
– toothpicks
– top coat
– remover and q-tips for clean-up (if needed)

First, paint all of your nails with a base coat (or top coat). This prolongs the life of the nails. Let them dry completely.
Paint your ring finger the metallic color. I chose a gold because I though that gold looks best with a royal blue. Whatever color scheme you pick, choose your metallic color off of that. Don’t let it dry so quick!
Leave the metallic wet while you do this step. On one side of your nail, divide it by about 1/3. Paint that the royal color and leave it wet. Then, take out your lighter shade. I used a light blue because its a lighter shade of the royal blue. Paint the lighter shade in the middle third. Don’t make the layers too thin, or the next step won’t work. Leave them all wet.
Now, take out the toothpick and place on the edge of the royal color. Slowly rotate your finger and drag the toothpick along the nail, through the lighter color and finally to the other edge. Repeat this dragging technique as many times as you’d like, going downwards.
Do this nail on your thumb, too.
While the two nails dry, do a nice coat of the royal color on the rest of the fingers. I painted my royal blue nice and solidly so the color really pops. Let dry.
Lastly, add a glossy top coat on all the nails. This finishes off the entire look by providing the tiniest bit of sophistication will all the fun we have.
I really thought that these nails truly turned out great. I’m sure yours will, too. I’d like to thank someone I know who introduced me to this design. You can see her blog at Thanks, and don’t forget to party! (And please comment, too).


Bubbly Nails

unnamed Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been quite busy. I am going to show you a new updo – these nails! I call these Bubbly Nails. They aren’t that hard. Let’s get started.


– base coat (optional)

– light pastel polish

– black nail polish

– dotting tool or black nail pen

– top coat or matte coat

– cotton

– nail polish remover

First, you can paint a base coat. This step is optional. It just prolongs the life of your nails and protects them.

Paint on the pastel polish. I used a light blue. We are using this color so the black really stands out.

Take out the black polish. On the tips of the nails, add some big circles. You can do that by adding small strokes and then evening them out. Once that dries, take out your dotting tool or black nail pen. I used a nail pen. These are really convenient and aren’t that expensive. Over the big circles, paint medium sized circles. Over those, create smaller and smaller circles until it comes to dots. As you can see, we have created a circle gradient. If you want, you can create a design on the ring finger. I used my nail pen to create a line with loop-di-doos. Then, I filled in some of the circles.

Last but not least, finish it with a sealing coat. I used a matte coat (partly because I was running low on my glossy top coat) for a cooler touch.

And that’s it! I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Stay bubbly, and don’t forget to comment!

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St. Patrick’s Day Nails

Picture 023

Happy St. Patrick’s, everyone! I got ‘lucky’ that these nails turned out so great. The following supplies are shown below:

– base coat (optional)

– light green polish

– dark green polish

– dotting tool

– gold polish

– golden green sparkles

– top coat (optional)

– nail polish remover

– q-tips

Let’s begin! First, paint all of your nail with a clear base coat. You can also use a clear top coat as a base coat. This base coat extends the life of your nail designs.

Paint all of your nails a light green. This will be a base color for the nails. For the thumb, I painted a shamrock. I actually used a green magnetic polish without the magnetic effect because it was my best dark green. I took the dotting tool and made 4 big dots, not to close to one another. In the middle, I filled it in. Lastly, I added a stem to the shamrock.

Now, take out your golden polish. I used a metallic gold polish because of all the luck gold coins and stuff. Take your dotting tool and dip it in the gold. Drag it along the tips of your 4 fingers. Yay, french tips!

Take out the glitter. Mine was a greenish – dull gold type of glitter. You want to use a chunky, confetti type. Apply it on your 4 fingers. Try not to get it on the french tips.

Dip a Q-tip in some remover and clean up around the edges of all fingers. You want to have a nice and clean look. Since we already added a glitter to the 4 fingers which acts as a top coat, I just applied a clear top coat to my thumb.

I hope you like that your nails can be as lucky as you are on St. Patrick’s Day! I would say to carry around a 4-leafed clover, but with this winter we’ve been having, it’s probably better to just carry around a gold coin or horseshoe. Thanks, and don’t forget to stay lucky (and comment)!

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Galaxy Nails

Picture 013

Hello, again! I know that these nails have been in style – a new updo! These are actually pretty simple.


-black nails polish

-white nail polish

-shades of blue nail polish

-dark pink or shimmery red nail polish

-glittery top coat

-makeup or craft sponge

-ear buds

-nail polish remover

Let’s get started!

First, I used a Wet and Wild black polish. You may need 2 coats for a solid look, but I only needed one.

Let it dry. Then, take out your sponge. This can be a makeup sponge or a craft sponge. I used a small craft sponge lying around the house. You can also use a sponge that comes from packaging in shipments. Brush some white nail polish on the sponge. Dab a little off a napkin. Sponge on white on your nail randomly. Don’t cover the entire nail.

Using about 2 shades of blue, brush some on to a small portion of the sponge. Dab a little off on to a napkin. Now, sponge that on most of the white. Don’t worry if some gets on the other parts of your nail. That’s what gives it a cool effect!

Now, do the same thing except with the red. Sponge the red on the remaining parts of the white.

Let it dry. Lastly, take out the glittery top coat. I used an Essie glitter. It was more like different sized confetti pieces. Apply that on top. This will act as a top coat.

To clean up around your nail, dip an ear bud into some remover and rub it away on your skin.

Finished! Let me know if you tried them. I hope you liked your galactic design! Feel free to twist it up with different colors like purple or orange. Thanks and don’t forget to comment!

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Newspaper Nails

Newspaper Nails Hi, again! I found the latest updo! It was something super cute and thought that I would share it! So these are newspaper nails. You are going to need the following supplies:


-any colored nail polish (preferably white)

-rubbing alcohol or mouthwash

-cotton buds

-clear top coat


You want to start off by painting your nails white. You can work with another color too, but white usually looks the best. Make sure they are completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Take your newspaper and cut out a little portion bigger than your nail. Rest it on top of your nail. Take your cotton bud and dip it in your alcohol or mouthwash. This is the part that I messed up on. My rubbing alcohol wasn’t strong enough but I tried everything. I even dipped the newspaper in the liquid! So, you want to make sure your rubbing alcohol is strong. Though, I prefer mouthwash with the alcohol in it. Some people like to dip their nail in the liquid, but I wouldn’t do that. It’s bad for your nails. Instead, take your dipped cotton bud and press on top of the newspaper. Press on the nail and add more of needed.

Wait for about 15 seconds of pressing and peel it off. The ink will have transferred! You can finish it off with a shiny topcoat or matte topcoat – whatever you’d like! You can add your own flair too! Such as, studs, gems, glitter, french tips, etc… I don’t like to add flair for this particular design because it gets a tad overdone. Though, matte with french tips does sound nice…

Anyway, finish it off and you have super cute vintage nails! Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!



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