Pop – Up Heart Card

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Hello, everyone! Feelin’ the Valentine mood, yet? I am! I am loaded with tons of V-Day crafts. This is one that I found irresistible. It’s perfect to give to your family and friends.


-scissors ( an X-Acto knife would be best)


-ruler (optional)

-thick paper

First, download the following template (http://www.minieco.co.uk/images/jan13/valentine-popup-2013-dark.pdf) and print it on the thick paper.  There are 2 cards, so if you mess up, big deal. There is an outer card, too.

Now, the hard part. The following cutting and scoring plan (http://www.minieco.co.uk/images/jan13/valentine-popup-2013-cut-score.pdf). An X-Acto knife is ideal because cutting using scissors for this template is a very onerous job. After cutting, take out you needle and score along the given lines. You can use a ruler to make it look more straight.

Pop out the heart and fold it a few times. Make sure it is reverse so the lines don’t show.

Lastly, write a special inscription and give it to one that you love.

Thanks, Happy Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to comment!

References: Me and http://www.minieco.co.uk/popup-pixel-valentines-card-2013-new-improved/

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