Galaxy Nails – Revisited

FullSizeRender(20) Alright, so I’m sure you’ve seen this post before. I did some cleaning up, and here we are: Galaxy nails, revised! I hope you enjoy this fresher version of this updo.


– black nail polish

– blue nail polish

– red nail polish

– white nail polish

– silver nail polish

– striper

– cosmetic / craft / nail sponge

– white and black flakes top coat

You’re going to start by painting all of your nails a solid black. This will serve as your base of the space (Hey that rhymes!). Let dry.

Now, take out your sponge. I use cosmetic sponges which have smaller pores. Apply white nail polish to a small part of the sponge. Sponge some of onto a napkin. Now, sponge on the white onto random areas of your nails. If you wanna look back at the picture, the white is where the blue and pink color is. We are just applying white first so that the color for the cosmos shows better. Apply this white to all of your nails and let it dry.

Put some red nail polish onto the sponge. Dab a little of and apply it to certain parts of white on your nails. Apply a second layer of red if needed. My red ended up looking more like a fuchsia in the end.

Repeat the previous step with blue nail polish. Make sure no white is showing. It is okay if some of the color ends up on the black – in fact, it’s better! The color will blend and give a better effect of the cosmos.

Let all of this dry. Now take out the top coat. I used one with black and white flakes. Some of these flakes were large, some were small. Apply this coat onto of all of your nails. The black flakes don’t really show up, which is good. The white flakes look like small and big stars – and I feel like this finishes the design.

This step is optional. With the silver, you can use the striper to create sparkle crosses on the nails. This can give a fantasy effect.

And there you have it! The vast heavens on your seemingly small nails. I hope you felt that this was a better rendition of my previous galaxy nails – tell me about your about your own rendition. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

Galaxy Nails

Picture 013

Hello, again! I know that these nails have been in style – a new updo! These are actually pretty simple.


-black nails polish

-white nail polish

-shades of blue nail polish

-dark pink or shimmery red nail polish

-glittery top coat

-makeup or craft sponge

-ear buds

-nail polish remover

Let’s get started!

First, I used a Wet and Wild black polish. You may need 2 coats for a solid look, but I only needed one.

Let it dry. Then, take out your sponge. This can be a makeup sponge or a craft sponge. I used a small craft sponge lying around the house. You can also use a sponge that comes from packaging in shipments. Brush some white nail polish on the sponge. Dab a little off a napkin. Sponge on white on your nail randomly. Don’t cover the entire nail.

Using about 2 shades of blue, brush some on to a small portion of the sponge. Dab a little off on to a napkin. Now, sponge that on most of the white. Don’t worry if some gets on the other parts of your nail. That’s what gives it a cool effect!

Now, do the same thing except with the red. Sponge the red on the remaining parts of the white.

Let it dry. Lastly, take out the glittery top coat. I used an Essie glitter. It was more like different sized confetti pieces. Apply that on top. This will act as a top coat.

To clean up around your nail, dip an ear bud into some remover and rub it away on your skin.

Finished! Let me know if you tried them. I hope you liked your galactic design! Feel free to twist it up with different colors like purple or orange. Thanks and don’t forget to comment!

References: Me!

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