Study in Watercolor

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Hello, everyone! I know that its been a long time, but I’m finally back. Today, I wanted to share the updo of how helpful studies really are in the realm of art.

So, a while back, I decided to enroll in a watercolor class in order to improve my skills in watercolor – and boy did it help! I would definitely recommend taking a watercolor class – or a class in any media for that matter –¬†from a skilled, trusted instructor to narrow down skills, for anyone wanting to grow in their art skills. And to those who may be thinking that “studies in realism won’t help my style of art”, the fact of the matter is that anytime you make art, it’s always somehow inspired by real life. Essentially, narrowing down skills in realism, as I also learned in watercolor, can be applied to almost anything in art – so it really is important. That being said, I learned from watercolor that realism isn’t always essential. Sometimes when I paint in watercolor, I choose to paint in a looser manner – meaning more abstract lines, less shading, and simple shapes. All in all, I highly recommend taking a class in a specific media of art to hone in your skills, if you wish to grow.

To talk about some of my watercolors above, they start as simple studies of objects, focusing on light and color. I was actually pretty pleased by how some of them turned out, but, as there should be, there are many beginner’s flaws. By the end, I traveled onto more complex subjects, such as people, complicated objects, or landscapes. I hope you all enjoy the pieces!

I really hope that anyone wishing to rejuvenate or grow their skills consider engaging in a serious study of a specific media. As I’ve said, it really helps!

Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

Newspaper Flowers

Newspaper Flowers

Hi guys, Rhea here! I have been wearing these and all my friends have gone crazy over them. These are the following supplies:

-glue stick
-bowl of water

1) Take your wire and find the length of however long you want your stem to be. Add about a 2 inches to it and cut it off. Make a knot so the know is about an 1.5 inches into the wire. Set it aside.
2) Take your newspaper out. Cut out circles slightly bigger than quarters. Take a colored marker (I recommend a darker color) and color around the sides. Don’t color too much, bot don’t color too little (look at the picture for help). Repeat on the other side.
3) Take your paintbrush and dip in a little water. Brush the water on the marker of the newspaper to make it bleed. Repeat on the other side if needed. Set it aside to dry. Make about 12-16 petals depending on how big you like your flower to be.
4) Once your first petal dries, take out your glue stick and wire stem. Apply glue on the bottom half of the petal. Applying the first petal is the hardest step so be careful. Take your stem on the shorter side of the knot and wrap your petal on the wire so it looks like a burrito with a stick that dropped into it. Apply a little more glue on the bottom half of your new ‘burrito’ and fold it around again. This is your starting petal.
5) Keep taking your dry petals and wrapping them around the middle. Don’t do it like how you did to the first petal. Just wrap it around the center – applying glue on the bottom half and wrapping them around. Usually, there are 3-4 petals on each circle of petals. Once you think you are reaching your last 8 petals, listen in.
6) Wrap it on the same way. When it is on, take the upper part of the petal and curve it slightly outwards. Do this for your whole circle. Then, stick on the last 4 petals around. Curve them out the same way, but more outwards than your previous 4. They should look a lot like roses by now!
7) Are your hands really icky by now? They probably are. These are really hard flowers – they require tons of patience. Go wash your hands and let the flowers dry. In the next few hours (or the next day) go check on them. They should be hard and molded. They shouldn’t be sticky. You can slide them off and attach them to something (I made a hairband) or you can leave them and use them in a pretty vase around the house. Also, they make great presents!
I hoped you like this updo! Don’t worry if you didn’t get it! Keep trying with practice and you’ll get the hang of it. Bye for now! Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!



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