Study in Watercolor

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Hello, everyone! I know that its been a long time, but I’m finally back. Today, I wanted to share the updo of how helpful studies really are in the realm of art.

So, a while back, I decided to enroll in a watercolor class in order to improve my skills in watercolor – and boy did it help! I would definitely recommend taking a watercolor class – or a class in any media for that matter – from a skilled, trusted instructor to narrow down skills, for anyone wanting to grow in their art skills. And to those who may be thinking that “studies in realism won’t help my style of art”, the fact of the matter is that anytime you make art, it’s always somehow inspired by real life. Essentially, narrowing down skills in realism, as I also learned in watercolor, can be applied to almost anything in art – so it really is important. That being said, I learned from watercolor that realism isn’t always essential. Sometimes when I paint in watercolor, I choose to paint in a looser manner – meaning more abstract lines, less shading, and simple shapes. All in all, I highly recommend taking a class in a specific media of art to hone in your skills, if you wish to grow.

To talk about some of my watercolors above, they start as simple studies of objects, focusing on light and color. I was actually pretty pleased by how some of them turned out, but, as there should be, there are many beginner’s flaws. By the end, I traveled onto more complex subjects, such as people, complicated objects, or landscapes. I hope you all enjoy the pieces!

I really hope that anyone wishing to rejuvenate or grow their skills consider engaging in a serious study of a specific media. As I’ve said, it really helps!

Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

New Video – Melanie Martinez Speed Drawing

Hello, everyone! Here’s my new updo!

I have been a fan of Melanie Martinez’s music for quite a while now, so, to show my dedication, I created a time lapse drawing of Mel. I used fine liners, Copics, Prismacolor pencils, and accent markers. I hope you enjoy!

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X Ambassadors Concert


Hello, everyone! I’m back with a new story! My family and I recently made a trip to Las Vegas, which was lots of fun. However, the highlight of the trip was definitely the X Ambassadors Concert.

My family and I are big fans of the X Ambassadors, and they just so happened to be having a show in Vegas when we were traveling. We actually got a fantastic deal, and the tickets were so we could simply be let into the concert hall (first come, first serve). Because the band was performing at the hotel, SLS, we stayed there for the night. The show was supposed to start at 7:00, but we got to the line by 5:30, as we were nervous about getting in first, which turned out to be a pretty smart idea.

After waiting until 6:30, we got into the Foundry (the concert hall), which was relatively small, but packed. I have to say, we were pretty lucky, because we ran right to the front row to stand and watch the concert. Guess that wait was worth it!

The show started at 7:00, but it was not X Ambassadors. Instead, they opened with a band whom I’m not even sure the name of. The music was alright, but they performed for what seemed like forever, but probably an hour. Then, we had to wait another half-an-hour, which was pretty disgruntling, because we came to see the X Ambassadors! Finally, the lights and music started again, but to our disappointment, it was another opening artist. She had a beautiful voice, but I was pretty bored and disappointed by the end of her performance. The wait was honestly getting too long at this point, since we had been waiting since 5:30. After she had finished, we were forced to wait another 45 minutes in the front row, waiting for our band.

But, finally, the X Ambassadors made their grand entrance, and it was pretty awesome. They performed for a solid hour, singing their entire VHS album. They finished with Fear, featuring Dan Reynolds (from Imagine Dragons) which was the biggest surprise ever. We had a blast with their music, and the front row really allowed us a fantastic view, and an awesome bass. Safe to say, my ears were blown out after the concert. What made the night even more special was that I got to touch the lead singer’s (Sam Harris) hand! Anyways, the performance was full packed with all the treats for us. IMG_8344.JPGIMG_8337.JPG

So, we had a fantastic time at the concert, and figured that the super long wait was definitely worth it. Despite the boredom and angry waiting, we had a lot of fun, and we were so lucky to have tickets for a reasonable price and front row spots. I fully recommend going to an X Ambassadors VHS tour concert, especially if you’re a fan. The concert has so much energy and power, the night will be a blast.

IMG_8350.JPGThanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment!


Halsey Digital Drawing


Hi, everyone! I recently made a new drawing and I wanted to update all of you on it.

I just started experimenting with digital art, and I don’t own any fancy sketching tablets, so I just used my iPad. I used a simple software called Autodesk Sketchbook which helps greatly. I’m in love with Sketchbook, and I recommend it for all digital art beginners.

Anyways, I’m obsessed with a new and upcoming music artist, Halsey. Her music is just amazing in every way. Her tunes are catchy, and her lyrics are beautiful poems. She comes from an eccentric background, and I think that’s what influences hew unique music style. Honestly, Halsey is one of the best poets ever. My love for Halsey and her music led me to create this drawing.

Basically, I just drew a portrait of her and created a background. I also did the “one-layer” challenge for the entire drawing except the background. This means that I only used one layer when drawing on my iPad which, as many digital artists may know, is very hard and challenging. So, that makes me prouder of the final product. In case you’re wondering, the words on the back are a series of my favorite song lyrics from various songs by Halsey.

I really hope you enjoyed this updo, it took a long time to make it! If you haven’t listened to Halsey yet, I request you to check her out, she’s wonderful. Even if her music borders around some dark themes, electro-pop is always a great musical genre. Lots of love to Halsey – Rhea.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments, or would like to tell me if you like this style that I drew in, please comment below! See you next time!


References: Me!, Halsey, Halsey-Badlands, Halsey-Room 93

Study in Chibi

FullSizeRender 2

Hello, everyone! So, I’m back with more of a personal updo. I was experimenting with different chibi styles and thought that I would share my attempt.

Manga and anime has not always been my forte, as I work mostly with realism. However, I have been liking various cartooning styles, one of them most recently being chibi.

Here is a piece of digital art I just created focused around chibi style. I decided that I would do a simple and well known character, and the first one that struck my mind was Alice! I thought that it turned out fairly well for some first tries. I did notice that because of my realism background, I kept steering towards a realistic body and not so much of the fat and chubbiness that chibi’s usually possess. At first, I was concerned and forced another style into my art, but then I just went with it. So, yes, my chibi bodies are longer and slimmer than most, but I wanted to steer away from the whole “kawaii” and super chubby, cute factor. It still is cute, but not overwhelmingly fat and cute. I do hope that this style worked out; I put a lot of shadow focus into it. All in all, I think that Alice still has the whole “chibi” aspect to her.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas at the style of chibi. I am looking forward to posting my other attempts at cartooning and such. If you have any other ideas you’d like to share, feel free to comment!

Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated by Maria!

Thank you so much, Maria.

Her blog:

I love Maria’s posts; they are such creative pieces of artwork and continue to be an inspiration to me everyday.


How My Blog Started:

I started this blog because I wanted a way to spread everything I knew how to do to the world. I enjoy making nail art tutorials, craft tutorials, and showing my art. Blogging is a great way for other people in the blogosphere community to see this and I hope that all of my tutorials help and inspire people.

My Advice to Fellow Bloggers:

The most important fact is to make sure to post regularly! I do get a little lazy sometimes, but I like to keep them consistent. Also, make sure that you blog is linked up to your social media. This will help spread the word and for others to get to know you. Blogging wise, make sure that you write from your heart. Don’t try to be someone you’re not; your writing will fall apart and readers will lose interest. Be yourself!

Rules for This Award:

  1. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.
  2. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  3. Write a post to show your award.
  4. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
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My Nominees:

Thanks so much!

Spunky Girl Video Tutorial

Hey, everyone! This is a short video I made on how to use Prismacolor markers and how to cartoon simple people. Hope you find it useful!

Kawaii Skull Bunny

Hi, guys! I was trying out the new time-lapse function and created a cute little doodle. This one is just a little kawaii skull-bunny (however weird that sounds). I’ll be posting more on my channel! Hope you enjoy!

Once Upon a Time – Out of the Past

IMG_5997Hey, so today, we’re doing a book review. As I mentioned earlier, I love the Television series, Once Upon a Time. A short while ago, Marvel came out with a comic with short stories based on the show. I read this book cover to cover, and I loved everything about it!

I’m gonna start off by talking about the cover art. I think that Stacey Lee did a fantastic job in illustrating the cover. I felt that she really captured all of their faces and features. Her choice of expression really did fall into the character. If you look closely, behind the characters’ faces are backgrounds. These backgrounds also encompass the characters and their stories and I felt that Stacey Lee is doing an awesome job as a comic book artist.

IMG_5998I also had a fun surprise when opening the book and taking out the cover. We have this beautiful faux leather material with golden designs. If you have watched this series, you might notice that it bears a resemblance to Henry’s book. Anyways, I thought that it was very fancy and a fun little addition to the magic.

Let’s dive into the book! The book focuses on four different stories involving different characters. The first is about Hook, the second about Rumple and Belle, the third about Regina, and the fourth about Jefferson. I want you to keep in mind that not everyone can just pick up this book and start reading it. These stories are not about what already happened in the book. These stories are about what might’ve happened or what could’ve happened, essentially fan fiction, yet these stories build the characters’ persona. Also, the title of this book is called Out of the Past. This is because all of the stories focus on an old character or secondary character coming back into the person’s lives. For example, Hook’s story focuses on his older brother, Liam, coming back into his life.


I loved the first chapter. It was called, Dead in the Water, illustrated by Pascal Campion. This chapter was one of my favorites because, well, I’m kinda biased. Hook is my favorite character so this made me even happier. I don’t want to give too much away, but this chapter was about Liam reentering Hook’s life and Hook has to make a vital choice. I think the chapter was something to ponder over, and I’m glad it was a short chapter because it was very thought provoking. The artist did a nice job keeping it nice and light – not focusing on the main details, but detailing the backgrounds and such. Campion has also illustrated many other Marvel comics.

IMG_6002The second chapter was called Truth and Daggers illustrated by Betsy Peterschmidt. This was about an old friend of Belle coming back  into her life, and again, forcing her to make a difficult choice between him or Rumple. The art was kept loose and flowy with a watercolor kind of look. It was very realistic but artsy, too. I’m pretty sure it was done with inks and watercolor.

IMG_6003The next chapter was called Ghosts illustrated by Vanesa Del Rey. This was about Regina and Daniel’s brother coming back into her life. She is also forced to make a hard decision. I think this chapter built Regina’s story all in all. I think that the color in this story was picked wonderfully, but I didn’t feel the same about the art. I really did not like this sketchy style at all and felt that it beared no resemblance to the characters. I did like the use of perspective and view in the piece, so Del Rey scored on that one!

IMG_6004My favorite chapter was the last one. It was called Tea Part in March illustrated by Janet K. Lee. This one was about Jefferson and his wife, who we have never met in the TV series. For this reason, I felt that I learned a lot more about him and this story really added depth to one of my favorite mysterious characters. This story probably brought me onto the verge of tears, just like it did when I watched him on the show! One of the reasons I really liked this one is because it had my favorite comic book artist: Janet Lee! I have seen her work in a great comic that I recommend: Return of the Dapper Men. Her style works around drawing the foreground first and cutting it out, and then pasting it onto the background. Her unique and playful style is just fabulous in this story.

This book is a must read for all OUAT fans. I promise you will enjoy it. There is bonus material featured in the very end of the book which consists of never-before-seen Jolly Roger concept art and fashion sketches. I really hope that oncers out there take time to read this book. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

References: Me! and Marvel – Once Upon a Time – American Broadcasting Company

Galaxy Nails – Revisited

FullSizeRender(20) Alright, so I’m sure you’ve seen this post before. I did some cleaning up, and here we are: Galaxy nails, revised! I hope you enjoy this fresher version of this updo.


– black nail polish

– blue nail polish

– red nail polish

– white nail polish

– silver nail polish

– striper

– cosmetic / craft / nail sponge

– white and black flakes top coat

You’re going to start by painting all of your nails a solid black. This will serve as your base of the space (Hey that rhymes!). Let dry.

Now, take out your sponge. I use cosmetic sponges which have smaller pores. Apply white nail polish to a small part of the sponge. Sponge some of onto a napkin. Now, sponge on the white onto random areas of your nails. If you wanna look back at the picture, the white is where the blue and pink color is. We are just applying white first so that the color for the cosmos shows better. Apply this white to all of your nails and let it dry.

Put some red nail polish onto the sponge. Dab a little of and apply it to certain parts of white on your nails. Apply a second layer of red if needed. My red ended up looking more like a fuchsia in the end.

Repeat the previous step with blue nail polish. Make sure no white is showing. It is okay if some of the color ends up on the black – in fact, it’s better! The color will blend and give a better effect of the cosmos.

Let all of this dry. Now take out the top coat. I used one with black and white flakes. Some of these flakes were large, some were small. Apply this coat onto of all of your nails. The black flakes don’t really show up, which is good. The white flakes look like small and big stars – and I feel like this finishes the design.

This step is optional. With the silver, you can use the striper to create sparkle crosses on the nails. This can give a fantasy effect.

And there you have it! The vast heavens on your seemingly small nails. I hope you felt that this was a better rendition of my previous galaxy nails – tell me about your about your own rendition. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

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