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Hello, again! It’s me, back with a new updo! So, I want to talk about this new cool app. It’s called CagoMama. One thing that I personally like is that it is is simple to use, and fast and easy. I’ll explain a little more.

Basically, this app is for sending a location from one person’s phone to the other’s. It notifies the person on the other end where the other is currently located. You can add or import existing contacts from your phone to the app. The location and the link on google maps gets put into a text message and gets sent to the desired contact. Remember, only the person sharing the location needs the app. For example, a mom worried about her child. The child has the app, and can send his/her location to the mom. The mom will receive the location via text, so she doesn’t need the app to receive the location. This makes it easy to share your location with friends and family.

CagoMama is available for both Android and iPhone.

Get it for Android from Google play here –

and for iPhone from the App store here –

Now, you’re probably wondering how this app stays safe, after all, the location of a person is being sent on a device. The factors I like is that there is no account needed, you just need to download the app. Your location cannot be shared with any 3rd parties; it’s just you and your contact. No information can leak, making the app secure and efficient.

So you know everything you need to know about CagoMama. I really want you guys to try it and provide feedback by reviewing the app. I hope that you guys can spread the word about this new updo. Thanks, and don’t forget to try CagoMama!

You can read more about CagoMama here –

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