Galaxy Nails – Revisited

FullSizeRender(20) Alright, so I’m sure you’ve seen this post before. I did some cleaning up, and here we are: Galaxy nails, revised! I hope you enjoy this fresher version of this updo.


– black nail polish

– blue nail polish

– red nail polish

– white nail polish

– silver nail polish

– striper

– cosmetic / craft / nail sponge

– white and black flakes top coat

You’re going to start by painting all of your nails a solid black. This will serve as your base of the space (Hey that rhymes!). Let dry.

Now, take out your sponge. I use cosmetic sponges which have smaller pores. Apply white nail polish to a small part of the sponge. Sponge some of onto a napkin. Now, sponge on the white onto random areas of your nails. If you wanna look back at the picture, the white is where the blue and pink color is. We are just applying white first so that the color for the cosmos shows better. Apply this white to all of your nails and let it dry.

Put some red nail polish onto the sponge. Dab a little of and apply it to certain parts of white on your nails. Apply a second layer of red if needed. My red ended up looking more like a fuchsia in the end.

Repeat the previous step with blue nail polish. Make sure no white is showing. It is okay if some of the color ends up on the black – in fact, it’s better! The color will blend and give a better effect of the cosmos.

Let all of this dry. Now take out the top coat. I used one with black and white flakes. Some of these flakes were large, some were small. Apply this coat onto of all of your nails. The black flakes don’t really show up, which is good. The white flakes look like small and big stars – and I feel like this finishes the design.

This step is optional. With the silver, you can use the striper to create sparkle crosses on the nails. This can give a fantasy effect.

And there you have it! The vast heavens on your seemingly small nails. I hope you felt that this was a better rendition of my previous galaxy nails – tell me about your about your own rendition. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

TARDIS Necklace


Hey, it’s Rhea here, and it’s time for a new updo! I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who recently. For those who don’t know what this show is about: Doctor Who is a British television series that has been running for about 50 years. It’s basically about an alien who is a time lord named the Doctor. He travels around space and time with a time machine called the T.A.R.D.I.S. that looks like a police box. The Doctor and his companions fight monsters and save space and time usually every episode. It’s probably a lot to take in, but I do recommend this series to everyone. What we have here is a Doctor Who inspired necklace (If you’re staring at the picture and panicking: No, I was not attacked by the Silence). It might look hard, but we’ll explain everything.

– blue polymer clay
– white polymer clay
– clay tools (knives, rollers, stamps, etc.)
– white acrylic paint
– black acrylic paint
– yellow acrylic paint
– black pen
– oven
– headpins
– jumprings
– chain
– clasp
– wire cutter/bender
– clock charms (optional)
To get started, I created the TARDIS charm. Start out by taking a slab of the blue clay and molding it into a rectangular cube. The ratio of the rectangular cube should be about 2:4.
Take out a tool to create the squares of the police box. You will have to get a bit creative with this because I assume we all have different tools. Don’t press the squares to close together because you want some space between the squares. Try to keep them even on all sides of the rectangular cube. The squares should be 2 by 4. This may take a while.
After this is finished, take out another slab of blue clay. Roll the clay out with a rolling pin until the clay is about 2-3 millimeters thick. Place the police box on top of the slab for measuring purposes. Using a knife, cut a couple millimeters away from the bottom of the police box. This should form a slightly bigger square. Push this square to the bottom of the police box until it sticks all the way.
Now, take some blue clay that is about a centimeter thick and square it. Place this on top of the box. This is where we will write “Police Box”.
Next, we work on the bottom of the box. Roll out a slab of blue clay that is about 2-3 millimeters thick. Place the police box upside down on the slab and cut directly around it. Take out this square and make the square a millimeter smaller. Place this square on top of the box.
Repeat the previous step, except cut another millimeter into this square, forming an even smaller square. Place this on top of the box.
By now, you can probably see the TARDIS forming. Take out the white clay to form the light on top of the box. I used a white glow-in-the-dark clay to let the light glow at night (;D). Roll it into a tiny ball and shape it to form a cylinder. Stick this to the top of the box.
Now, take out a headpin. Trim the headpin to fit the box and stick it into the light of the box. Put the charm into the oven for however long the brand you are using instructs to do so. I used Sculpey, so I usually put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 275 F.
Once this is baked and dried, take out your paints. Using a thin brush, use white paint to fill the top row of squares on all sides. These are your windows. Now, mix a bit of yellow with the white. On the front of  your police box, paint the square directly below the left window. Now, take the black paint and paint a stripe of black above the windows on all sides. Let everything dry. With the whit paint, paint the black stripes. Make two big white stripes on the ends and one smaller on in the middle. With the black pen, make crosshatches on the windows and the light, and make lines on the light yellow square.
Let everything dry and your charm is ready! Let’s get started on putting it together. Cut some chain with wire cutters to your desired necklace length. Use your wire cutters to bend a jump ring and pull the charm and the chain through. Close the jump ring.
You can add some clock charms, too. I just added these because I felt that it finished the time lord effect. I just picked up these charms from a local craft store. Attach these charms with jump rings the same way as you did with the TARDIS charm.
Don’t worry, we’re almost done! Attach a jump ring to one end of the chain. Attach a clasp to the other end of the chain. Guess what? You’re done!
I know it took a lot of steps, but this necklace turns out great in the end. This TARDIS necklace is a perfect gift for the Whovian in your life, or if you are that Whovian! Do keep in mind that this is a necklace. Necklaces are cool. Hope you enjoyed that Who pun; thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

New App – CagoMama


Hello, again! It’s me, back with a new updo! So, I want to talk about this new cool app. It’s called CagoMama. One thing that I personally like is that it is is simple to use, and fast and easy. I’ll explain a little more.

Basically, this app is for sending a location from one person’s phone to the other’s. It notifies the person on the other end where the other is currently located. You can add or import existing contacts from your phone to the app. The location and the link on google maps gets put into a text message and gets sent to the desired contact. Remember, only the person sharing the location needs the app. For example, a mom worried about her child. The child has the app, and can send his/her location to the mom. The mom will receive the location via text, so she doesn’t need the app to receive the location. This makes it easy to share your location with friends and family.

CagoMama is available for both Android and iPhone.

Get it for Android from Google play here –

and for iPhone from the App store here –

Now, you’re probably wondering how this app stays safe, after all, the location of a person is being sent on a device. The factors I like is that there is no account needed, you just need to download the app. Your location cannot be shared with any 3rd parties; it’s just you and your contact. No information can leak, making the app secure and efficient.

So you know everything you need to know about CagoMama. I really want you guys to try it and provide feedback by reviewing the app. I hope that you guys can spread the word about this new updo. Thanks, and don’t forget to try CagoMama!

You can read more about CagoMama here –

Once Upon a Time Nails


Hi, everyone! I’m finally back with a new updo. I have started a new obsession over ABC’s hit series, Once Upon a Time. I started on Netflix a few months ago, and now I’m all caught up. Honestly, I have like a huge, nerdy obsession over this and decided that I might as well put this new craze to use. So, here are some nails inspired from the opening theme image of the show.


– base coat

– light blue polish

– dark blue polish

– black polish

– white or silver polish

– top coat

– clear glitter polish

– striper and/or dotting tool

– makeup sponge

– remover, cotton balls, and q-tips

The first step is to paint all of your nails with a base coat. This will help your design last.

Once it dries, paint all nails with a light blue. One coat should do the trick.

Now, make sure this is completely dry. Go ahead and brush some dark blue onto the sponge. Dab some off, because this is the first layer and you want it to be nice and light. Sponge some dark blue about halfway down your nails. Apply more dark blue if necessary.

Apply another layer of dark blue on the sponge. Sponge just a tiny bit off, since this will be a darker layer. Keep in mind that we are building an ombre. Dab the dark blue closer to the bottom of your nail. Once this is done, go in with the dark blue brush and lightly apply some polish on the very bottom line. This will give a better ombre. Let dry completely.

If your ombre still looks a bit abrupt, apply some light blue on your sponge and sponge some off. Sponge on the light blue onto the part where the dark blue meets the light blue. We are putting some lighter blue into the lighter shade of the dark blue (I don’t know if that makes sense…). Let this dry.

Now that we have the sky done, we are gonna add some trees. Go in with the striper and make black stripes on each nail. About 1-3 will fit. Add small branches too if you’d like. My branches were very small lines coming out of the black stripes.

Once this is dry, you can either choose the dotting tool or the striper to make the letters. I found that a striper was easier for me. I didn’t have a silver polish lying around, so I used my white polish. Make an ‘O’ on the pointer finger, an ‘N’ on the middle finger, a ‘C’ on the ring finger, and an ‘E’ on the pinky. You can choose to write ‘upon a time’, but my nails wouldn’t allow space. Don’t worry though, it has been done before and I’m sure you can do it too.

On my thumb, I applied a clear sparkly top coat as did I on all of my right hand (too lazy to make the letters on my right hand :P). Apply a top coat on the rest of the fingers, and your done! You probably want to go in with the remover and q-tips to remove the polish around your nails. This will give a cleaner look.

That’s it! It might look a bit challenging, but with enough focus and concentration, the results are to die for. My other fellow OUAT fans were already appreciating my nails, and I’m sure yours will, too. I hope you enjoy and indulge in your nerdy obsessions! (P.S. If there are any other fan-art nails you might want to see, just comment.) Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!


New Novel – Bridge to Nowhere

Hello! I’m already back with some exciting news. My younger sister, Ranya Sharma, just published a book, Bridge to Nowhere. I’ve read it, and she has done quite a phenomenal job on it. The book is now on Amazon, in case you were wondering. It is a fantasy book about a young girl named Scarlett and her adventures through magic portals as she tries to make her way back home. The exciting part – I illustrated the cover! Of course, this was my family’s first time publishing a novel, so the cover was a little unprofessional (the title and author name was written twice), but we learn from our mistakes. Ranya is an aspiring author, who I think you guys should all check out. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

Felt Fruits

felt fruitsUpdo felt fruits templateUpdo felt fruits template 2

Hi, I’m finally back! I really hope that none of you forgot, and if so, here is a good refresher. I know I haven’t posted in what seems like forever, but here’s a new updo that is sure to wow anyone. These are felt fruits which really aren’t that hard to make. Here are the materials you’ll need:


-orange felt

-yellow felt

-hot glue

-orange thread

-needle / sewing machine




-red felt

-green felt

-red thread

-yellow thread

-needle / sewing machine



Orange: First, cut out 2 half circles from the orange felt that should be the same size. Take a look at the shape I drew (number 1). The shape should look similar to this. Now, sew up the 2 straight parts of the half circles with orange thread and tie it off. You’re probably wondering how to sew up the bottom, now. Cut out a shape out of the orange felt similar to the template (number 2). I would suggest cutting out this shape on a piece of paper first, because you want to be precise when measuring how long it should be at the bottom. Sew this shape with orange thread onto both the curved sides of the half circles. Before you tie it off, leave a hole to put stuffing through. After it is fully stuffed, finish sewing up the bottom. Cut out 6 teardrops (refer to template number 3) from yellow felt. These will make our orange actually look like an orange. Using hot glue, adhere 3 yellow teardrops on each side. Let dry.

Strawberry: First, cut out a shape from the template (number 4) using red felt. You want to make sure each straight side is the same length so they match up. Using the yellow thread, embroider the red felt with yellow ‘seeds’. I was lazy and just sewed little lines, but french knots work, too. An alternative idea is to embroider yellow baby beads into it for a little bling. Sew up the straight sides of the red felt together with red thread. This should give you a cone type of look. Run the red thread through the top of the ‘cone’ or through the curved side. Don’t tie out off, instead, leave both sides of thread loose. Fill it up stuffing. When you’re done, pull at both ends and tie it up, so the top has puckered and closed up. Cut out a piece (template number 5) from green felt acting as the leaf. Hot glue this piece on and let dry.

Here you have it! Two pieces that will give you fulfillment from hard work and will brighten anyone’s day. Basically, they’re just plain fun to make and play with and if you do happen to make these, let me know or send a picture. Awesome to make, but not to eat! Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!


Hey, everyone! I am so sorry I haven’t posted in what seems like forever. Part of the reason is that I was on vacation with my family for three weeks to India, France, and Germany. Pretty exciting, huh? So, I’ll be sure to post some pictures. I promise I will be back soon with travel posts and more crafty art! Stay tuned, you’ll be coming back excited!

Glitter Nails

glitter nails

Hi! I come here with a new updo! These are really simple glitter nails that look ‘fantabulous’ when executed. Here’s what you’ll need:

– base coat (a top coat works, too)
– 5 bold colors of polish
– 5 glitter polishes matching each color (ex. pink: purple glitter, metallic gold: gold glitter)
– remover
– q-tips

Let’s begin! To start, paint each nail with the base coat. I use my top coat as a base coat because that works too. This step is not necessary and is usually not used with designs that require lots of layers, but prolong the life of the design.
When that is dry, take out the bold colors. I used metallic gold, peacock blue, hot pink, lime green, and black. This was mostly because I had a lot of glitters in these colors. Paint one color on each nail. If the color is thin, apply a second coat. You want to make sure it is as bright as it can be.
Let that dry completely. Then, take out the glitter polishes. I made sure they correspond to the bold polishes. They were gold glitter, blue/purple glitter, fuchsia glitter, gold/green glitter, and steel colored glitter, respectively. They don’t need to be perfectly the same shade, in fact, they should be a shade off the base polish. Now, brush on the polishes.
Clean up around the edges with the remover and q-tips.
That’s all there is to it! I hope you like this bright, cheery, summer look. It’s super cool and works with any look. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

References: Me!


Party Nails

Picture 036

Hi, everyone! I am back with a new updo! So, these are pretty cool. I’d call them party nails, but if you want to experiment with different colors, I’m sure you’d come up with a new name. Because I am doing party colors, the following supplies are listed below:

– base coat (top coat is an alternative)
– a royal colored (anything eye popping) nail polish
– a lighter shade of that color nail polish
– metallic nail polish
– toothpicks
– top coat
– remover and q-tips for clean-up (if needed)

First, paint all of your nails with a base coat (or top coat). This prolongs the life of the nails. Let them dry completely.
Paint your ring finger the metallic color. I chose a gold because I though that gold looks best with a royal blue. Whatever color scheme you pick, choose your metallic color off of that. Don’t let it dry so quick!
Leave the metallic wet while you do this step. On one side of your nail, divide it by about 1/3. Paint that the royal color and leave it wet. Then, take out your lighter shade. I used a light blue because its a lighter shade of the royal blue. Paint the lighter shade in the middle third. Don’t make the layers too thin, or the next step won’t work. Leave them all wet.
Now, take out the toothpick and place on the edge of the royal color. Slowly rotate your finger and drag the toothpick along the nail, through the lighter color and finally to the other edge. Repeat this dragging technique as many times as you’d like, going downwards.
Do this nail on your thumb, too.
While the two nails dry, do a nice coat of the royal color on the rest of the fingers. I painted my royal blue nice and solidly so the color really pops. Let dry.
Lastly, add a glossy top coat on all the nails. This finishes off the entire look by providing the tiniest bit of sophistication will all the fun we have.
I really thought that these nails truly turned out great. I’m sure yours will, too. I’d like to thank someone I know who introduced me to this design. You can see her blog at Thanks, and don’t forget to party! (And please comment, too).


Bubbly Nails

unnamed Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been quite busy. I am going to show you a new updo – these nails! I call these Bubbly Nails. They aren’t that hard. Let’s get started.


– base coat (optional)

– light pastel polish

– black nail polish

– dotting tool or black nail pen

– top coat or matte coat

– cotton

– nail polish remover

First, you can paint a base coat. This step is optional. It just prolongs the life of your nails and protects them.

Paint on the pastel polish. I used a light blue. We are using this color so the black really stands out.

Take out the black polish. On the tips of the nails, add some big circles. You can do that by adding small strokes and then evening them out. Once that dries, take out your dotting tool or black nail pen. I used a nail pen. These are really convenient and aren’t that expensive. Over the big circles, paint medium sized circles. Over those, create smaller and smaller circles until it comes to dots. As you can see, we have created a circle gradient. If you want, you can create a design on the ring finger. I used my nail pen to create a line with loop-di-doos. Then, I filled in some of the circles.

Last but not least, finish it with a sealing coat. I used a matte coat (partly because I was running low on my glossy top coat) for a cooler touch.

And that’s it! I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Stay bubbly, and don’t forget to comment!

References: Me!


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