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Hello, everyone! I’m back with a new story! My family and I recently made a trip to Las Vegas, which was lots of fun. However, the highlight of the trip was definitely the X Ambassadors Concert.

My family and I are big fans of the X Ambassadors, and they just so happened to be having a show in Vegas when we were traveling. We actually got a fantastic deal, and the tickets were so we could simply be let into the concert hall (first come, first serve). Because the band was performing at the hotel, SLS, we stayed there for the night. The show was supposed to start at 7:00, but we got to the line by 5:30, as we were nervous about getting in first, which turned out to be a pretty smart idea.

After waiting until 6:30, we got into the Foundry (the concert hall), which was relatively small, but packed. I have to say, we were pretty lucky, because we ran right to the front row to stand and watch the concert. Guess that wait was worth it!

The show started at 7:00, but it was not X Ambassadors. Instead, they opened with a band whom I’m not even sure the name of. The music was alright, but they performed for what seemed like forever, but probably an hour. Then, we had to wait another half-an-hour, which was pretty disgruntling, because we came to see the X Ambassadors! Finally, the lights and music started again, but to our disappointment, it was another opening artist. She had a beautiful voice, but I was pretty bored and disappointed by the end of her performance. The wait was honestly getting too long at this point, since we had been waiting since 5:30. After she had finished, we were forced to wait another 45 minutes in the front row, waiting for our band.

But, finally, the X Ambassadors made their grand entrance, and it was pretty awesome. They performed for a solid hour, singing their entire VHS album. They finished with Fear, featuring Dan Reynolds (from Imagine Dragons) which was the biggest surprise ever. We had a blast with their music, and the front row really allowed us a fantastic view, and an awesome bass. Safe to say, my ears were blown out after the concert. What made the night even more special was that I got to touch the lead singer’s (Sam Harris) hand! Anyways, the performance was full packed with all the treats for us. IMG_8344.JPGIMG_8337.JPG

So, we had a fantastic time at the concert, and figured that the super long wait was definitely worth it. Despite the boredom and angry waiting, we had a lot of fun, and we were so lucky to have tickets for a reasonable price and front row spots. I fully recommend going to an X Ambassadors VHS tour concert, especially if you’re a fan. The concert has so much energy and power, the night will be a blast.

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Madrid, Spain – Flamenco

Picture 005

Hello again! Today will be about the Flamenco – a dance indigenous to Spain. Flamenco uses Spanish folk music and started in the 18th century. Though, the dance made a dramatic development in the 19th century. Flamenco uses different types of music, but now, in the modern world, they combine the professional touch as well as the theatrical touch. It is very fun to watch.

There were 3 dancers, a singer, and a guitarist. I noticed the different styles that the dancers danced in. The first dancer’s countenance seemed very poignant. She seemed almost angry. She danced beautifully – full of grace. She seemed to be letting her feelings out – the way she stamped her foot and clapped her hands.

The next dancer was also a girl. Her facial expressions and gestures were relaxed and graceful. Except, this wasn’t an angry type of grace, it was a light and delicate grace. She almost danced like a ballerina except with more force.

The third dancer’s dance was the most fierce. He was definitely forceful and angry. His face literally got red. He stomped and twirled and clapped so hard, I thought there would be an earthquake! I definitely suggest watching this dance. Feel free to watch a video online, too. Whenever I get the chance, I will try to post some more Flamenco pictures. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

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Madrid, Spain – Hotel and Basics

Hey, Rhea here! My updo will be on the Madrid hotel and the basics that I went to over break. First, the hotel. The hotel’s name was Hotel Regina. I really liked it. They have a cafe in there too. It is very fancy and clean. If you visit Madrid, I recommend this hotel. Also, I think that you should learn a little bit of Spanish before you go. My  family and I struggled with this a little but made it through. We are vegetarian so we had to learn how to say “no meat”. Basics such as “yes” and “no” can help too.

Winter Break

Hey guys! Enjoying or enjoyed winter break? I know I did! My family and I are big travelers and we wanted to escape the bitter cold. We went to Spain for 4 days and Morocco for 4 days. I have to say, I really enjoyed them both. We spent our time in Spain in Madrid and took a day trip to Segovia. It was mostly stayed around 55′ or so. It was nice weather to roam around in. Spain had so many things to offer like the rich architecture, the art, the bakeries, Flamenco ( type of dance ), and much more. Then, in Morocco, we resided in Marrakech. Morocco is located in northern Africa so it was around 70′ – very warm! Most of my next posts will be about the different activities from both places – there is just so much to talk about!

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