Felt Fruits

felt fruitsUpdo felt fruits templateUpdo felt fruits template 2

Hi, I’m finally back! I really hope that none of you forgot, and if so, here is a good refresher. I know I haven’t posted in what seems like forever, but here’s a new updo that is sure to wow anyone. These are felt fruits which really aren’t that hard to make. Here are the materials you’ll need:


-orange felt

-yellow felt

-hot glue

-orange thread

-needle / sewing machine




-red felt

-green felt

-red thread

-yellow thread

-needle / sewing machine



Orange: First, cut out 2 half circles from the orange felt that should be the same size. Take a look at the shape I drew (number 1). The shape should look similar to this. Now, sew up the 2 straight parts of the half circles with orange thread and tie it off. You’re probably wondering how to sew up the bottom, now. Cut out a shape out of the orange felt similar to the template (number 2). I would suggest cutting out this shape on a piece of paper first, because you want to be precise when measuring how long it should be at the bottom. Sew this shape with orange thread onto both the curved sides of the half circles. Before you tie it off, leave a hole to put stuffing through. After it is fully stuffed, finish sewing up the bottom. Cut out 6 teardrops (refer to template number 3) from yellow felt. These will make our orange actually look like an orange. Using hot glue, adhere 3 yellow teardrops on each side. Let dry.

Strawberry: First, cut out a shape from the template (number 4) using red felt. You want to make sure each straight side is the same length so they match up. Using the yellow thread, embroider the red felt with yellow ‘seeds’. I was lazy and just sewed little lines, but french knots work, too. An alternative idea is to embroider yellow baby beads into it for a little bling. Sew up the straight sides of the red felt together with red thread. This should give you a cone type of look. Run the red thread through the top of the ‘cone’ or through the curved side. Don’t tie out off, instead, leave both sides of thread loose. Fill it up stuffing. When you’re done, pull at both ends and tie it up, so the top has puckered and closed up. Cut out a piece (template number 5) from green felt acting as the leaf. Hot glue this piece on and let dry.

Here you have it! Two pieces that will give you fulfillment from hard work and will brighten anyone’s day. Basically, they’re just plain fun to make and play with and if you do happen to make these, let me know or send a picture. Awesome to make, but not to eat! Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

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