Glitter Nails

glitter nails

Hi! I come here with a new updo! These are really simple glitter nails that look ‘fantabulous’ when executed. Here’s what you’ll need:

– base coat (a top coat works, too)
– 5 bold colors of polish
– 5 glitter polishes matching each color (ex. pink: purple glitter, metallic gold: gold glitter)
– remover
– q-tips

Let’s begin! To start, paint each nail with the base coat. I use my top coat as a base coat because that works too. This step is not necessary and is usually not used with designs that require lots of layers, but prolong the life of the design.
When that is dry, take out the bold colors. I used metallic gold, peacock blue, hot pink, lime green, and black. This was mostly because I had a lot of glitters in these colors. Paint one color on each nail. If the color is thin, apply a second coat. You want to make sure it is as bright as it can be.
Let that dry completely. Then, take out the glitter polishes. I made sure they correspond to the bold polishes. They were gold glitter, blue/purple glitter, fuchsia glitter, gold/green glitter, and steel colored glitter, respectively. They don’t need to be perfectly the same shade, in fact, they should be a shade off the base polish. Now, brush on the polishes.
Clean up around the edges with the remover and q-tips.
That’s all there is to it! I hope you like this bright, cheery, summer look. It’s super cool and works with any look. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

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