Party Nails

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Hi, everyone! I am back with a new updo! So, these are pretty cool. I’d call them party nails, but if you want to experiment with different colors, I’m sure you’d come up with a new name. Because I am doing party colors, the following supplies are listed below:

– base coat (top coat is an alternative)
– a royal colored (anything eye popping) nail polish
– a lighter shade of that color nail polish
– metallic nail polish
– toothpicks
– top coat
– remover and q-tips for clean-up (if needed)

First, paint all of your nails with a base coat (or top coat). This prolongs the life of the nails. Let them dry completely.
Paint your ring finger the metallic color. I chose a gold because I though that gold looks best with a royal blue. Whatever color scheme you pick, choose your metallic color off of that. Don’t let it dry so quick!
Leave the metallic wet while you do this step. On one side of your nail, divide it by about 1/3. Paint that the royal color and leave it wet. Then, take out your lighter shade. I used a light blue because its a lighter shade of the royal blue. Paint the lighter shade in the middle third. Don’t make the layers too thin, or the next step won’t work. Leave them all wet.
Now, take out the toothpick and place on the edge of the royal color. Slowly rotate your finger and drag the toothpick along the nail, through the lighter color and finally to the other edge. Repeat this dragging technique as many times as you’d like, going downwards.
Do this nail on your thumb, too.
While the two nails dry, do a nice coat of the royal color on the rest of the fingers. I painted my royal blue nice and solidly so the color really pops. Let dry.
Lastly, add a glossy top coat on all the nails. This finishes off the entire look by providing the tiniest bit of sophistication will all the fun we have.
I really thought that these nails truly turned out great. I’m sure yours will, too. I’d like to thank someone I know who introduced me to this design. You can see her blog at Thanks, and don’t forget to party! (And please comment, too).


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