St. Patrick’s Day Nails

Picture 023

Happy St. Patrick’s, everyone! I got ‘lucky’ that these nails turned out so great. The following supplies are shown below:

– base coat (optional)

– light green polish

– dark green polish

– dotting tool

– gold polish

– golden green sparkles

– top coat (optional)

– nail polish remover

– q-tips

Let’s begin! First, paint all of your nail with a clear base coat. You can also use a clear top coat as a base coat. This base coat extends the life of your nail designs.

Paint all of your nails a light green. This will be a base color for the nails. For the thumb, I painted a shamrock. I actually used a green magnetic polish without the magnetic effect because it was my best dark green. I took the dotting tool and made 4 big dots, not to close to one another. In the middle, I filled it in. Lastly, I added a stem to the shamrock.

Now, take out your golden polish. I used a metallic gold polish because of all the luck gold coins and stuff. Take your dotting tool and dip it in the gold. Drag it along the tips of your 4 fingers. Yay, french tips!

Take out the glitter. Mine was a greenish – dull gold type of glitter. You want to use a chunky, confetti type. Apply it on your 4 fingers. Try not to get it on the french tips.

Dip a Q-tip in some remover and clean up around the edges of all fingers. You want to have a nice and clean look. Since we already added a glitter to the 4 fingers which acts as a top coat, I just applied a clear top coat to my thumb.

I hope you like that your nails can be as lucky as you are on St. Patrick’s Day! I would say to carry around a 4-leafed clover, but with this winter we’ve been having, it’s probably better to just carry around a gold coin or horseshoe. Thanks, and don’t forget to stay lucky (and comment)!

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