Nani Bird

Nani Bird

Hi, everyone! I have been making these for quite a bit of time. These little creatures are called ‘nani birds’. I’m sure some of you already know what this is. If not, they are pretty cool! To pull them up, just type ‘nani bird’ or ‘nani bird template’ on your online browser. Pick the template you like most. There will be blank templates too. In my picture, the 2 on the left were done by me. The one the most left was done in silver marker. The other one was done in marker (imitation of bird domo). The blank templates just look white.
The printed templates already have a design on them. My printed ones are the two on the right. I really liked the black and white one – the designer offered patched wings, a tail, and more. The other one is a sleeping birdhouse with a mustache. I have an affinity for this kind of weirdness.
These birds are a bit hard to understand at first. The toughest part is the beak. Make sure you fold all the sides before gluing. When, gluing, all the tabs should match up nicely. If you have questions, I would love to answer them. Thanks, and don’t forget to comment!

References: Me!


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