Glass Stones

Glass Stones

Hi guys! Rhea here! I have been doing these for a long time and wanted to share with you.
So, these are glass stones with something on the underside. I am not going to list the supplies because a lot of them are optional.
First, take a glass stone. You can find these in craft sets or in home decor sections. You can choose to paint them or glue something on the underside. The ones in the picture have something glued. Think about your design before hand. Keep in mind that everything will be in reverse. Since it is on the underside, paint backwards. This especially applies to letters. Also, remember to paint foreground first. For example, say I was painting a smiley face. I would paint the eyes and mouth with black paint first and let it dry. Then, I would go ahead and paint the underside yellow. From the bottom the entire stone would look yellow, but flip it over and voila! The smiley face would appear! You can do this with any design, just remember foreground, middle ground, background – not the way you would usually draw it.
These are an amazing piece of art that can magnify beautifully. You can do so many things with them. Make some nice jewelry or refrigerator magnets. You can even just leave them around and they will still look nice!
This is one of my favorite crafts. I hope you have fun and don’t forget to comment! Bye for now!



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